Combo Program


Do you want the best pesticide-free lawn possible?


Do you want to feed your natural soil microbes and get off the pesticide-treadmill?


Our Combo program is designed to to provide your yard with its full nutrition requirements and improve your soil base so your lawn thrives.


Imagine enjoying thicker grass that’s more resistant to weather stress, weeds, and pests. The Combo Program doesn’t just make your grass greener it replenishes and improves your soil microbes.


Bag Size: 25 lb per bag

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Labels: 37-0-0 1-N-Done, 6-2-6

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2114 sqft / bagAny Time$39.50
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3012 sqft / bagJuly, September, October$36.25

Number of applications: 3

It’s Perfect For: Everyone who takes great pride in their lawn, and wants to reduce their pesticide usage and have a beautiful lawn.  The Combo program is the most complete program we offer for the healthiest, most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood.

Benefit: It provides the long-term growth power of the 1-N-Done program with the complete Soil Food Web nutrition of the Organic program (for more information about the Soil Food Web, see our Educational Links page).  With only 3 applications you will enjoy a full growing season of a healthy lawn while building your soil for a program that reaches far beneath the surface.

When To Apply: Apply 1-N-Done one time per year. It is most effective in April of May. Apply the first round of Balance (6-2-6) 30 days later, and the second 60 days after that.

About Our Beneficial Microbes: Our Organic Fertilizer contains beneficial Bacillus bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma fungi all of which help with the uptake of fertilizer, greatly improve access to soil resources and through competition help reduce the number of pathogens that can damage your lawn.  For more information on the benefits of these products or the Soil Food web, see our Educational Links page.

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Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not. You can return a product for up to 30 days for the date you purchased it.

Product Labels

Technical Summary

Sq ft per bag Rate Range
Name of Program App # Application Date Range Product Price per bag Bag Size (LBS) “Rate / 1,000 sq ft” Rate Note LBS of N per M sq ft per bag Fertilizer longevity (weeks) LBN per bag $/LBN $/week $ / M sq. ft. Rate Range (Low) sq ft Rate Range (High) sq ft Rate Range (Low) LBS Rate Range (High) LBS
1-N-Done 1 Early April 37-0-0 1-N-Done $39.50 20 8.1 8.1# = 3.0# of Nitrogen per M 3.0 2,469 24 7.40 $5.19 $0.22 $15.55 2,960 2,114 6.8 9.5
1-N-Done + Organic 2 Late May 6-2-6 +Beneficial Microbes $38.50 25 8.3 8.3# = 0.5# of Nitrogen per M 0.5 3,012 5 1.5 $24.17 $4.83 $12.04 3,000 1,500 8.3 16.7
1-N-Done + Organic 3 Late Aug 6-2-6 + Beneficial Microbes $38.50 25 8.3 8.3# = 0.5# of Nitrogen per M 0.5 3,012 5 1.5 $24.17 $4.83 $12.04 3,000 1,500 8.3 16.7
4.0 $39.62