DIY or Do It For Me?

We offer multiple options for delivery. Which is best for you?

Do It For Me:
Kick up your feet and relax. Following your order, a member of our staff will contact you to schedule a date and time, and send a professional landscaper to install your fertilizer for you!

We have several Delivery Options

  1. Pick-Up – Pick up your fertilizer from one of our conveniently located partners with no delivery charge.
  2. Shipped – Your fertilizer will arrive in 3-5 business days.
  3. Route Delivery – Our driver will deliver your fertilizer within 5-10 business days.

Still not sure? Give us a call at (832) 953-4469


 Your program selection depends on your desired result.  The lowest cost program is the 1-N-Done, and it only requires 1 fertilizer application. 

However, by moving to the “Bridge Program” you can add the benefits of some organic based fertilizers, helping to improve the “Soil Food Web” and building healthier turf. 

The “Organic – Holiday” program is perfect for people who are concerned about pesticides and their effects on their pets and children.   

No these programs are pesticide and herbicide free.  If you believe you need an herbicide or other pesticide, please contact us here  and we will help you with product selection or arranging an application. 

 Existing weeds are best eliminated with a “post-emergent herbicide”.  For optimum results, this is done as a combination “foliar spray” in the early spring or late fall.  Let us know if you feel that your lawn would benefit from this type of application, we will help you with product selection or possibly arrange an application here.

 A “Weed & Feed” is a granular fertilizer with “post-emergent herbicide” on each prill of the fertilizer.  While this was once popular, current best management practices are to use a foliar post-emergent application, which provides better results, assures the herbicide timing is correct and reduces the chances of herbicide exposure.  Please contact us here and we will help you with product selection or arranging an application.

  Our organic products are made from poultry, and poultry by products.  They are sourced, designed and produced locally. Additionally, our organic products contain Humates and both friendly bacteria and fungi to help build and support the “Soil Food Web”.

  No, not in these programs.  However , for your convenience, contact us here and we can help you arrange a foliar application, which generally leads to better results and reduces the chance of pesticide exposure.

We have several options if you want to start “mid-season”.

  •  We have a “mid-season booster” which is a lower cost product that will last approximately 90 days.
  •  You can supplement the mid-season bump with the organic program, which will improve the soil and feed bot the turf and “Soil Food Web”.